Back in the days when I had money, I could Christmas shop for a specific person and get them something awesome.
Those were the days.
Now I just buy stuff that’s on sale and say
“This will be good for someone”
Great! Let’s cross someone off the list.
I was worried what we were going to get for someone but now I don’t have to worry about them. Whoever they are, we got’em covered. That’s one less thing to worry about!

Or The wife and I will be out shopping for nobody in particular.
I’ll find some pretty OK Gloves.
Only $5 bucks.
And I announce exactly who they would be good for.
These would be good for Jack.

Then my wife will say ” Do you think so?”
Now I’m filled with doubt.
Now I don’t know.
Maybe Jack would hate them.
Do you think Jack would hate’em?
I don’t think he’d hate them he just might not need gloves.

Maybe we should wait?
But there on sale.

I think everybody would love these gloves.
I almost wanna get a pair for everyone.
Well, who do we need for?
Pretty much everyone!
You mean we didn’t even start our Christmas shopping?
We don’t have anything for anyone?

No! We started! We have some stuff for some people.
Well who?
I don’t know.
The stuff we already bought is at home.
Did we bring a list of what we already have and who it’s for?
Not an actual list but I could figure it out if you give me a minute.
We could always come back for the gloves.
But they might now be on sale?
Or they might be cheaper.
Or they might not have any left.

We reap eat this madness a few dozen times until the magic of Christmas Eve is upon us.
Then we hope we got everyone!