Dear weatherman, every winter cannot be “The Worst Winter We Ever Had”

There has to be a few “Not all that bad winters” like the one we had last year. Now the year before last year, that was the worst winter we ever had. It snowed and snowed and snowed. Three four days in a row. We shoveled and we shoveled until out backs hurt. And that probably wasn’t even the worst winter we ever had. Two winters before that, it SNOWED in OCTOBER. Weatherman, you realize that you cannot just use generic all inclusive phrases like Wintry Mix. Wintry mix is weatherman bullshit for, it’s winter and some sort of weather is coming. And Dear Weatherman, stop announcing snow like it’s an Anthrax Terrorist attack. It’s SNOW! You can also stop name dropping THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE.

“The National Weather Service as issued a winter weather advisory” We can figure out it’s winter weather by looking at a fuck’n calendar.

Wonder what kind of weather to expect today? Hmmm, let’s have a peek at the old calendar. It’s January. January occurs in the winter so I guess we can expect some kind of COLD WINTRY MIX!

And Dear weatherman, please don’t be afraid to apologize after you scare the fuck out of us and it doesn’t snow at all. Get your ass on the 11 o’clock news and say “Sorry, looks like you could have gone out tonight. my bad”

End of snow rant. for more, come to my show!