It took me 60 years of my life to leave the USA, not including Canada and Canada doesn’t count because it’s basically USA North. Ireland is a magical place. I had no idea there would be so many sheep and cows. I traveled all that way and was worried I landed back where I started.
No rest on the redeye flight as nobody thought a baby could cry for six hours continuously. Fortunately, two rappers were partying through the night to help take my mind off crying baby!
“wah-wah-Wah… down with the shit the mo-fuck’n whore bitch…wah-wah-wah….tried to fuck me behind without the vaseline…wah-wah-wah”

Was so happy to land in Dublin until I found out my luggage was taking different vacation then I was. Additional stops for my luggage included Glasgow, Belfast and Norway. You’d think my luggage would of had the decency to snap a few pictures since it had my Nikon D-3400!
Contrary to the hype around the Amish wardrobe it is difficult to survive with only one outfit! Black Jeans, purple t-shirt and hiking boots was almost my wedding outfit. Forgot to mention, the reason we traveled to Ireland was for a family wedding. I would highly recommend having your wedding in Ireland. It really helps weed out the guests you invite but are hoping don’t actually make the trip.

Way too much love for Ireland to write it down here but looking like a giant Leprechaun, finally paid off. Folks were running up to me and asking “Are you a Giant Leprechaun?” YES I am! Throw a few dollars in the hat and make a wish!

A few things I learned in Ireland:
1.Even if you have a washer and dryer in your cottage, there is no NAKED CLOSET for me to hide in while my one outfit is laundered.

2.Irish people don’t get drunk, they get full.

3.Irish policemen suggested I add 50 to whatever number KM (kilometer) was on the speed limit sign if I didn’t want to get passed by sheep! Being unfamiliar with the metric system, upon a quick google back here in the states, apparently I drove in Ireland for one week at around 100 mph, pretty full.

4.You don’t tip the bartender but you can buy the BARMAN a drink.

5.The Irish people are so polite and charming that I almost didn’t trust it.

6. Your RENTAL CAR appears to be too small to hold the four of us and luggage but somehow is two feet wider then any of the roads.

7. Restaurants stop serving food while it’s still daylight out there.

8. JETLAG is real and that includes an inability to return to the USA side of the driving road.


Amish with passport!