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Hey folks, these are crazy times and it really sucks for those of us who make a living in the entertainment industry. My standup comedy shows have been cancelled from early March through, absolutely no idea. Trying to stay afloat and keep my fans entertained! I am Streaming Live From My Living Room, Saturdays at 8pm ! It’s awkward and fun because standup comedy needs a live audience. You can watch on my Facebook Fan Page or my YouTube Channel. Hop in the chat and introduce yourselves. Take selfies of you watching me and please include your pets. These Live Streams are not PG13 so don’t bust my Amish Ass!
Stay Safe, stay home! Get your watching party together! As odd as it sounds, if you watch vids on my YouTube Channel, it will help me make some loot streaming on down the road. I need 4000 hours within a twelve month period and currently an under 2000.